Why Walking Can Help Lose Weight

Most people think that because walking is such a very low impact form of exercise, it does not do much other than get one's bloodflow going. The fact of the matter is, walking is one of the better ways to help an individual get fit and stay healthy and is very much doable for any fitness level who can and are willing to do it.

For those who are more interested in REALLY shedding of unwanted pounds, there are more NECESSARY measure to take and this is where I am pointing out TIPS on why Walking can help lose weight. 

We have 24 hours a day and most of us work-perhaps at home or in a corporate setting, private or governent setting. Or we could be on the road travelling, etc. 


SETTING STEP GOAL. What exactly is your STEP GOAL? 10,000 a day? Do you believe in yourself? Can you walk more than that in a day? The more steps you take a day the more calories you burn and the likelihood of you staying fit and healthy will work more to your benefit. Only increase your steps when you are able. A Fitness App or gatdget is very helpful in monitoring your goals.

WALK MORE DURING THE DAY. Take the stairs. Take short breaks. Park a little bit farther from your office and walk the distance. If stores are walking distance, take that walk. Walk the dog before or after work. 

MAKE IT BRISK/PICK UP THE PACE. Getting your heart rate up and pumping burns more calories. Increasing intensity every 3-5 minutes(depending on your fitness level) with a 30- second burst(NO JOG!) of Brisk walking. Then Slow down to normal walking pace. 


GO FOR THE HILLS. Walking uphill helps you build muscles in the lower body that will help you tremendously in burning fat and speeding up your metabolism. It will feel like a misery at first BUT remember, there are small hills and there are big hills. So, take a deep breath.. Here's a tip on going uphill: Slightly lean forward. As you go up the hill, take short steps and with the leg going up bend knee while you push your weight up.. Face Front. 

ARMSWING. Sometimes, we see people swinging their arms eratically while walking or hiking. Yes, they can be exagerating. Arms must be at a 90 degree angle so as to maintain a proper form and swing at chest level. The armswing is to maintain the balance and also has upper body benefits as far as calorie burn. 

INCORPORATE STRENGTH WHILE WALKING. There are benches, walls, the grass, and even adult playgrounds these days. While walking, keep in mind that you can do squats, push-ups and walking lunges. If you are doing a 30-45 minute outdoor walking exercise, you can stop ever 5 minutes and do any of these strength exercise. 


KEEP TRACK OF FOODS YOU EAT. You don't want your hard sweat to go in to the drain. Eat nutritious foods that feed your body well. Focus on lean protein and vegetables. NO PROCESSED FOODS. Limit sugar intake, if possible, only natural sugars from fruits and vegatables. Drink water or tea instead of Soda. Use fitness App/tool to monitor caloric intake or food intake. 


Keep Walking! 


If you have any medical conditions and have not done any type of physical exercise before and want to start a healthy active lifestyle, consult your physician. Please refer to a Nutritionist or dietitian if you have any food allergies.