What Is A Walking Distance To You?

Yesterday, I went out and walked for a little over a couple of miles. A loop and some and walked to the closest grocery store by my house. Ralph's.  On my way back, I got a frantic call. Hubby was saying I was gone too long and it's dark.  He's been sick for a few days and he's not really a 100% recovered. He had the drapes drawn together(no, not drawn back) so he had a nap before I left. 

I calmly asked him to chill. The sun was still out and it was still warm. People were still walking in the park.  I told him before I left that I since the store is "walking distance", I was going to pick up some things that I would need on my way back after my afternoon walk. 

Walking home from the store through the trail with my trustee  trail shoes  :)

Walking home from the store through the trail with my trustee trail shoes :)

My sister who lives in Texas came to visit us for the first time here in California while we were still living in Irvine, California. It was around Thanksgiving in 2014. We were so delighted, it was here first time here in in California, her first year in the United States of America and to experience Thanksgiving dinner with family.

But before we could make all our Thanksgiving dinner recipes, we had to buy our ingredients for menu. Hubby had gone to the store a couple of days prior but there were a few things that we always forget so. I asked my sister to go to the store with me for last minute things we missed.

And she asked, "Where's the store Ate(Big sister)?" 

I answered, "right around the corner, it's a "walking distance", Ading (Little Sister)".  

So, we went to the store and back, chatting and laughing and she said, "I thought it was around the corner?.. that was bit far!" 

While I paused to put away some of the groceries, I showed her my phone with the app(that I had just turned off) that was running while we walked. It showed that the store (Albertson's) right next to our apartment complex at the time, was LESS than a mile. 

She was surprised. "Really..that's all we walked?!" she asked.

I smiled at her adoringly and thought to myself that Thanksgiving Dinner will be one of the best and most memorable dinners she is going to have ever had.

Two years later, we moved to Lake Forest, California. My Ading came to visit again. She forgot something for that she needed for this travel and needed to go to the store and asked, "where's your closest store, Ate?"

Walking through  Serrano Creek Trail

Walking through Serrano Creek Trail

"Right around the corner, Ading..it's a "walking distance"

She looked at me and we both started cracking up. 

NO. We did not go to the store to get what she needed. 

Instead, we dressed up to go out and walked a trail that was right next to the house. Enjoyed the beautiful scenery, took photos, chatted, laughed, stopped and walked some more..

Going (not even)halfway to the loop, I pointed to the group where the grocery store(Ralph's) is leading to and my sister was amazed.



"Whaaat?!..Nah-I don't need it just yet".

And so, we moved on. 

Trail Walking  with family and friends.

Trail Walking with family and friends.

Until we reached the clubhouse that our family are members of, Lake Forest Sun & Sail Club

We had a great walk that day without even them noticing the "walking distance". The reason behind it was because we ALL enjoyed what we set out to do. 

We did not think about Distance. Nor Time. It was just DOING IT. GOING  somewhere. 

Cooling down at  Lake Forest Sun & Sail Club  picnic area

Cooling down at Lake Forest Sun & Sail Club picnic area

So now, what is a Walking Distance to you?  or what do you consider a "walking distance"


P.S. As of this writing, Hubby is feeling a little better. Hopefully he can enjoy outdoor activities again this Holiday(Labor Day) weekend.. YEY!