1. What is a Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist?

A Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist is a Coaching Professional trained to listen, be mindful of an individual's particular situation to customize  a certain program to provide information on how to better guide and assist a client achieve his or her specific health or lifestyle needs.

2. How does Lifestyle and Weight Management Coaching work?

I do a Preliminary Consultation(FREE) with my prospective Client and ask questions thoroughly-serious questions regarding current situation.  Remember, I am here as your Coach and we work together. It only works when you want it to work(!) You will see results IF you want results. I expect you to be as honest with me as possible about your situation. I listen to what you need and what you want to achieve as far as your health, goals and Lifestyle are concerned.

3. What are the programs you offer?

Each client has a different situation. So, depending on what the client needs, she/he is most welcome to choose from the list of programs on the Programs Page. 

4. How long are the Sessions?

The sessions depend on what programs you choose. Most of the Programs are 1-3 months. It could go on longer if a client chooses to continue on a program to maintain an Active Lifestyle.   See the Programs Page for details.

5. Can I sign up for a program with a family member or a friend?

OC Active Lifestyle is geared toward individual sessions/programs to make sure your Active Lifestyle fitness needs and goals are achieved. A family member/friend will be allowed during the Free Consultation. If either one (besides you) need a Lifestyle change as well, and if you feel more comfortable having them around during the session, this family member/friend will be considered "another client".

6. Can I sign up for a Program if I am outside California?

Unfortunately, Orange County Active Lifestyle does not offer its programs to clients outside Southern California, particularly Orange County area. Please see program page for specifics on area coverage. There is another option that is available for an out of state program called "Other Option". Please see Programs Page.

7. How much does a session or program cost?

It depends. If you want to pay for a Session AS YOU GO(Meaning, if you want to pay when you want to do a certain activity like walking or hiking just for one or two sessions), IT IS POSSIBLE. Please see the Programs Page.

8. What payment methods can I use?

OC Active Lifestyle Accepts Payments in a form of CASH , CHECKS and CREDIT CARDS via SQUARE. Credit Card Transactions will be done using portable medium such as Cellphone so, bring your Credit Card with you. There is a Fee for returned checks.

9. What are your Cancellation and Expiration policy?

All OC Active Lifestyle Sessions and Programs are subject to availability and by appointment only. A 24-hr Cancellation notice must be given so the calendar is cleared. A Penalty will be incurred otherwise. To avoid such Penalty, you are welcome to reschedule a session/program. 
All Monthly Packages expire 30 days after the sessions have been scheduled. All Weekly Packages expire 15 days after the sessions have been scheduled. 


If you are interested in any of the Programs offered by OC Active Lifestyle, please do not hesitate to connect with me.


It is highly recommended for BEGINNERS that a few sessions per week MUST BE FOLLOWED to better maintain an Active lifestyle and an easier transition to each activity especially IF YOU HAVE NOT DONE ANY OF THE ACTIVITY IN A WHILE OR AT ALL. It doesn't mean You cannot Start with one(1) Session..

YOUR Credit Card Transactions will be processed through a portable medium called Square. You will have an option to request a copy of your invoice via email or text. 

YOUR Credit Card Transactions will be processed through a portable medium called Square. You will have an option to request a copy of your invoice via email or text. 

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