Early Years

When I was younger, I was into Sports. I was always a Varsity player representing my school playing for the Volleyball and Softball Team. It seems "funny-weird" that I kinda didn't realize that that was my work out then.. running around the field during warm ups during Softball practice.. more runs, jumping jacks, ball digs.. during Volleyball..and these were all mostly in the sun(if you can imagine the Philippine climate!)..all the while having fun ;D

My point is, there were no fitness gyms back in my High School years. ..and you don't have to be in a gym to be active-- you just have to MOVE! 

Being a Filipina and coming from a HUGE family who grew up and was raised with the tradition of the love of food, the celebration of ceremonial occasions and in most cases, when  someone offers you something to eat--you MUST have it, otherwise the host will be offended, kinda thing--It is the Filipino custom. 

I was very active as a young lady. However, most of my exercise came from sports activities(Volleyball and Softball for the most part). I was involved in through school. So , as I got older, combining the love of eating with lack of regular exercise, I found myself to be overweight and generally unhealthy.  Years went on fast and of course, I had other things I wanted to do. I stopped participating in sports and the weight came on. 

My "road to recovery" was when I met my husband and together, we incorporated exercise into our daily lives by doing things we enjoy like hiking, camping and simple walking with family members and even dancing the night away. We did everything that made us move to sweat and that included the simplest activities imaginable.  This in turn inspired me to treat my body differently and take a hard look at what I was putting into it. 


These outdoor activities with my husband started to remind me of what it was like to be a kid again outdoors and frankly anywhere I want so long as I am having fun. This in turn inspired me to treat my body differently and take a hard look at what I was putting into it. 


In early 2008, I was diagnosed with a rare seizure disorder and I had to take seizure medications to make sure that my condition was monitored. Because of the new medical discovery, I had to make adjustments to my entire lifestyle and that included physical activities, food intake, and anything that may contribute to triggering seizures. I gained weight and then lost it. I made it MY GOAL to "fight back" and to this day, I am blessed with all the support around me. The things I have learned and shared staying healthy. 

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My Accomplishments/ Affiliations


I try and keep track of my races. They make me feel accomplished in a way that many other things in my life don't. The races are goals I set for myself(just like any other task on my "to do" list and I tell myself that if I miss one, I know that in my heart, I WILL hold myself accountable for what I missed out on and I am responsible for my actions..No one else. 

Races: *Some Races I can't remember. When possible, hubby joins me in some of the races, sometimes he takes Finish Line Pics, sometimes, we are just there to enjoy the event..  


It is ALWAYS THAT FUN and fulfillment in the end that I feel after I step on that Finish Line. Or after I reach a goal, whether it's a short term or long term. Never giving up- I only prove to myself that I can do it!