Outdoor Active Programs are MORE FUN and EXCITING if STRENGTH and CIRCUIT TRAINING and EXERCISES are incorporated with each program. These BASIC exercises are VITAL with each program offered by OC ACTIVE Lifestyle to further monitor one's ability to enhance and improve performance capability and ability to endure, stay focused, stay motivated, a goal to succeed with the program chosen with each and every session. 

Basic Strength Training

Mondays - Fridays

Using BODY weight while outdoors performing BASIC Strength Training exercises like with squats, lunges, and high-interval exercises, together, we build strength according to your own body type and goals. Most people associate  strength training with just building or improving muscle mass but it actually helps the bones and the bone structure and health. When losing unwanted weight, strength training helps rebuild muscles that you lost but gain muscle mass that will shape you up that makes you toned.  


Circuit Training

This session includes Strength and Cardio activities. One of the most fun workouts for those in a hurry. With bursts of aerobic exercise, weight lifting, and stretch breaks during this short session, this series of intense cross-training exercises will give you the sweat you need and burn off some calories. An excellent choice to help one lose weight combined with healthy eating habits especially individuals with Diabetes, High Blood Pressure or High Cholesterol. 



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