Terms & Policies



The weather in Southern California is very unpredictable. Depending on where you live, it varies. or this reason, it is advisable to check weather forecasts regularly. 
The OC Active Lifestyle Outdoor Recreation Programs DO NOT apply if for any reason severe weather changes occur. Check weather forecast and ask for further info from OC Active lifestyle before booking a session(s).


 Most, if not ALL(local) Regional and Wilderness trails in Orange County, are INTENTIONALLY CLOSED OFF to public access after a moderate-heavy rainfall or Wild Fires  for public safety and to give the Parks Staff and or Volunteers enough time to restore trails back for public access and cleared of fallen debris. 

Orange County Active Lifestyle will be happy to re-schedule a preset appointment.


All OC Active Lifestyle Sessions and Programs are subject to availability and by appointment only. A 24-hr Cancellation notice must be given so the calendar is cleared. A Penalty will be incurred otherwise. To avoid such Penalty, you are welcome to reschedule a session/program. All Monthly Packages expire 30 days after the sessions have been scheduled. All Weekly Packages expire 15 days after the sessions have been scheduled. 


Before we meet for the actual Session booked, we would have had THAT FREE one-on-one Consultation and I would expect that YOU, the client, are ready to have fun. These Outdoor Active Lifestyle Programs are for your own personal well-being, health and fitness success. There is NO COMPETITION while you and I are out there. You work out at your skill level while I work with you as your Active Lifestyle Fitness Coach. We will have FUN and challenge yourself only every time to attain your goals.

To see where we have fun in Orange County, CA.. see the calendar.


Outdoor Active Lifestyle Fitness Recreation . Facilities/Locations include the Outdoors which means that we will utilize NATURE and its beauty. TRAILS and these trails may loop around. Nature Parks with Benches. Community Parks with Pathways. Parks with Adult exercise Machines. Community Parks with baseball fields.  These are offered to clients who feel that they can better interact with me, their Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist in person and that they will be able to express themselves even freely and just the thought of being Outdoors, it makes them feel that they are not too constricted knowing they can do more for themselves during each session.

There are programs offered indoors if requested by appointment.


*If YOU, the client, have not done any kind of exercise recently, have been diagnosed with heart problems, diabetes, high blood pressure, feeling faint and having dizzy spells, having chest pains when exerting yourself , YOU, the client, must contact your medical provider for a check-up. Before starting any type of program offered by Orange County Active Lifestyle, YOU, the client, MUST be aware that I do not in any way diagnose or give any medical advise to my clients. If a client has a medical condition and interested in one of the programs, please refer to your Physician for medical advice before signing up for a program. Orange County Active Lifestyle is for adults between 30 and 60+ years of age who reside in the Orange County(OC) California, United States only with the exception of other Option Programs that may be offered. Orange County Active Lifestyle  Coaching Rates may change without prior notice .Orange County Active Lifestyle reserves the right to refuse service for any reason. You (the Client) must sign pertinent consent/liability forms before participating in any program offered by Orange County Active Lifestyle.