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Orange County Active Lifestyle's Individualized Programs are the most natural Physical Activities you can ever imagine and when combined with Healthy Eating Habits, it will surely be the most goal-efficient program you can work with. There are NO TRICKS or GIMMICKS. We were born to do all of these!  


There is no better way to enjoy Orange County, California than to stay active and see the Outdoors.. 
---it's the
place to be. 
Even better? when you are doing something that makes you sweat!
Guess, what?.. you are not in Southern California if you are not looking for the sun ;D


My Ideal Clients are women and men who are:

  • goal-oriented and believe in the importance of personal growth.

  • just beginning and can't figure out where and how to start with a healthy lifestyle but is willing to accept the challenges of positive outcome.

  • open to change, exploring new possibilities for healthier lifestyle.

  • accountable for what they have become in life and can feel positive about choices in life .

  • seeking fun and healthy lifestyle while still able to do the "daily grind".

  • determined and motivated NOT looking for the diet solution but a healthy active, doable and achievable goal.

  • looking forward to better and more positive way of living as age catches on.


There are no two people alike. Ultimately, YOU will be the PERSON in CHARGE and I will be the one WITH YOU supporting what you have decided to DO to pursue a healthy lifestyle.